Our Team

Our life and work experiences span accross multiple continents and cultures.
We have the knowledge in how to reflect that in our work we deliver,
and just enough wisdom to know learning is endless

Let's grow together..

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Our Work

Our clients are innovative, creative, conversion-focused industry leaders.

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Aksion Solutions

It comes natural to us to see something coming to life as a whole process with multiple dimensions and aspects to take care of to the fullest. We apply this innate knowledge and learned skills to our work.

Software Development

State of the art quality solutions using the latest viable technology:

Your solution will be everything you ask for.


No problem is too small or big.

We have the experience and a network of advisors, ready to advise you on the best solution that fits your company and needs.

Product Development

We guide you and provide training on all the steps, to ensure you can make well-infornmed decisions that lead to a successful product.

From design to product-market fit, from tests to deployment and beyond.. We got you.


We provide company-wide training programs on everything tech:

Curriculums tailor-made for your needs,
Experienced eduactors,
Immersive programs, and more.